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In Alternate Watch, players are immersed in a world where vigilance is key, and the ordinary can quickly become the seat of the extraordinary. Here’s a deeper dive into the types of anomalies players might encounter across various environments within the game:

Imagery Anomalies:

Altered Portraits and Pictures: Players may notice subtle or drastic changes in the artwork and photographs adorning the walls. For instance, a once-smiling individual in a portrait may appear faceless or have a different expression.
Mysterious Text: Unexplained messages or symbols might emerge on walls or objects, hinting at deeper secrets or clues within the game.
Disappearing Objects: Items that were once part of the scene, such as a book on a table or a utensil in the kitchen, might vanish without a trace.

Displacement Anomalies:

Shifted Furniture and Objects: Players must pay attention to the layout of rooms, as furniture like chairs or decorative items like vases may move from their original positions.
Unexpected Object Movements: Everyday items may be found in unusual places or orientations, such as a teapot that’s no longer on the stove but instead on the floor.

Mimic Anomalies:

Duplicate Items: Additional copies of objects appear, creating a sense of surreal duplication, such as an extra remote on the coffee table or an additional potted plant that wasn’t there before.

Flawed Anomalies:

Distorted Figures: Eerie apparitions or distorted figures may be spotted, such as a flawed character with unnaturally long limbs or one performing unsettling actions like banging its head against the door.

Pure Form and Preacher Anomalies:

These rare and often more unsettling anomalies hint at the presence of something otherworldly or sinister within the game’s universe, challenging players to uncover their significance.

Electrical Anomalies:

Camera and Electrical Malfunctions: The game’s surveillance system itself can experience anomalies, with camera feeds distorting or going static, often hinting at the presence of unseen forces at play.

Corpse Anomalies:

While more macabre, these involve the sudden appearance of lifeless bodies in various settings, adding a layer of horror and urgency to the player’s tasks.

Unknown Anomalies:

These are anomalies that defy categorization, challenging players to use their wits and observation skills to identify and report something entirely out of the ordinary, such as environmental shifts or unexplainable occurrences.

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