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Chess is one of the oldest games known to the mankind. Thanks to its graceful concept and tricky strategy, it has made it through centuries and now we have a pleasure to sit at the chessboard and ponder on our next move. If you love chess too, you’ll surely be excited about the opportunity to play them online, either against the AI or real people, without even needing any chess set!

Simple interface, different modes and lots of fun!

The virtual version of chess is just like the real one. Only instead of the board the pieces are placed on the screen and you move them by tapping it or clicking the mouse rather than picking them up with your fingers and moving to the desired cell. The interface and controls are so simple that even little kids will quickly figure out what to do (by the way, we have special chess games for kids too!). Aside from playing against the AI, you can also try your skill against real players. The system will pick one more or less suitable for your level. There are also different modes you can check out, including an unlimited game where you can think over your moves as long as you need and a blitz mode where each turn lasts only a few minutes.

Play with your friends or random people anywhere, anytime!

The best thing about online chess is that you can play your favorite game with your friends without meeting in person. It’s not always convenient or possible to get together for a chess match. And even when you do have a chance to hang out, you can’t carry a chess set with you everywhere. Playing chess online solves that problem. Now you can connect with other chess geeks any time, any place. All you need is your PC or smartphone. Don’t wait any further, check out our vibrant, exciting and versatile chess games online right now!

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