FNF Games will take you to a wonderful world of funky music and incredible adventures as you follow the journeys of two main heroes, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, around all possible virtual realities. Every mod that appears online introduces new songs and new opponents to fight against. And don’t worry – fighting will happen on stage, wielding microphones instead of weapons and straining vocal chords instead of muscles!

The original game of Friday Night Funkin attracted the wide audience with its amazing tracks, gripping gameplay and romantic story. The protagonist, known under the name Boyfriend, started his way up the musical career ladder when he decided to impress his Girlfriend’s dad who is a former rock star. To do that, he had to defeat several opponents in rap battles. And each episode was a mini story involving some memorable encounters, confrontations and plot twists.

After that, we’ve seen a great number of FNF mods that expanded this concept. Every time you are going to travel to some new place where you’ll be involved in the same hip-hop battles, but against new opponents and to new songs. The goal is to score a maximum number of points (or at least more than your rival) by pressing the right buttons to the rhythm of the music.

You have to do it according to the clues appearing on the screen. You’ll see a sequence of arrows floating over your hero’s head. They show which buttons have to be pressed the next moment. Sync the movements of your fingers with this clues and get into the rhythm – and your score will keep growing. There are three rounds to complete for each opponent. Play FNF games online and have that special Friday nigh fun any day of the week!

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