Minecraft Games

If you like adventures and fights, if you like to explore the surrounding world and change it to your own taste, if you are delighted with pixel retro graphics – welcome to Minecraft! There are probably very few people who haven’t heard of this legendary sandbox where you can spend your time in a virtual world consisting of cubes as you wish. So choose the version to your liking and start playing right now!

Mine, craft, fight!

Once you launch the game, you find yourself in the middle of a giant map. You see a picturesque scenery around you – meadows and streams, clusters of trees and rocks here and there, all so serene and hospitable. But remember that this is just a starting point of your adventure and things are going to become much less comfy and much more dangerous rather soon! At night, these lands crawl with monsters of all sort that will be glad to binge on your cubic flesh. So you need to start preparing for that right now!

Plenty of opportunities and fun!

Without wanting any further, walk around and collect your first handful of resources. Just basic ones – wood and stone – will be enough to craft new tools, weapons and even build some kind of a shack where you will be able to stay overnight and feel more or less protected. You also need food to survive and fire to keep yourself warm. Look around – you’ll surely find some fruit trees and maybe will even be able to hunt a rabbit. Later on, you will be able to grow your own garden and crops!

The more you play the vaster your opportunities become. You will discover new lands, descend into murky dungeons filled with the snarling of monsters and the twinkling of treasures, equip your character with a set of weapons and armor befitting a true knight and build whole cities. Choose your mode, plunge into the riveting world of Minecraft and enjoy the gameplay!

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