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Hill Climb Racing is a series of games where you have to make it through a variety of unique landscapes collecting bonuses, avoiding obstacles and gradually upgrading your garage. Cartoonish graphics and lack of realistic effects doesn’t prevent the game from being highly exciting and addicting. After all, there is always another vehicle to unlock and anther track to conquer. Let’s begin!

Hit the road and enjoy the trip!

Unlike in many other racing games, there is actually a main character here and that makes the whole experience much more personal and involving. You are going to play as a young farmer in a signature checkered shirt who just received an old red sedan as a gift from his distant relatives. He is highly excited about it and decides to leave the country life for a while and travel around the country.

The journey gets a little bit extended as you move through your home hilly sceneries, reach the mighty forests in the depth of the country, nearly get killed on the meandering serpentine roads in the mountains, get to the ocean shore, start off right into the desert, drive through the murky night and falling snow of the North Pole and eventually end up on the Moon behind the wheel of a futuristic gravity car. Each of these maps contains unique challenges for you to overcome as you adapt your driving style to the new conditions. And since by the time you reach another exotic location you’ll probably unlock at least a few new cars, you can try them all on this new touch terrain and find out which one suits it best!

Plenty of maps, plenty of cars, plenty of fun!

Hill Climb Racing contains a pretty impressive choice of cars. Among them you will find heavy jeeps, stylish muscle cars and super fast racing cars, even something bus-like and truck-grade. Each of the vehicles has its own characteristic and works best for a certain kind of landscape. Changing cars on the same map increases the replay value of the game allowing you to get a new experience even if you’ve already passed this same location.

To buy all these cars, you have to accumulate enough money. And that means that you can’t miss a single coin scattered on your route. Hunting these coins is particularly fun and daring on the Moon track where part of them hangs in the air and you have to jump up and levitate in low gravity to reach them. Also keep your car fueled by collecting gas cans otherwise you can run out of gas in the middle of the level. Play Hill Climb Racing online and have fun!

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