Sometimes you’re bored and tired of playing your favorite online games alone. And you wish there was a way to share that exciting pastime with your friend. In 2 player games, you have such an opportunity! They are meant specifically for two participants playing either on the same computer, each with their own set of control keys, or over the network. Enjoy this new amazing experience online right now!

Compete and find out who is stronger!

When you think of 2 player games, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably fighting, or racing, or competing in any other way. That’s the first category of 2 player games available in this section. They allow you to clash in a gripping confrontation, be it an epic battle requiring good reflexes and fast reaction, or a contest of minds in solving puzzles. Each of you will be in charge of your own character and you need to do everything you can to win. Cross your fists or swords in a thrilling melee fight, shoot each other from all kinds of guns on the city rooftops, get behind the wheel of sports cars and set off down a winding racing track – get your portion of adrenaline and exciting emotions!

Work as a team and cope with all the challenges together!

Another type of 2 player games is based on cooperation. Here you need to join your efforts and skills to reach a common goal. Most of the times, each player has some unique abilities that balance out the skills of the other. Using them correctly and working as a team can yield really impressive results. For instance, if it’s an adventure game, one of you can be a tank and the other pick a support character. Or you can get characters that can magically control antagonistic elements. Anyway, it’s going to be fascinating! Choose a 2 player game to your liking and let’s begin!

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