Rainbow Friends Games

Rainbow Friends is a gripping horror game that will put you in a desolate and eerie amusement park and challenge you to run away from a bunch of ravenous monsters. You will have just five nights to make an escape. In the process, you will be collecting objects, fixing old equipment and of course avoiding Rainbow Friends lurking in the darkness!

Welcome to a horror park!

This story begins as an exciting and jolly event – a field trip to an amusement park. The whole class is fascinated with such a holiday, and you can’t wait to arrive there and get on the roller coaster as you sit in the bus supposedly carrying you to this enticing location. However, you never arrive there. When the door opens, you step out and see a place that can’t possibly be the park you’ve been told about. It’s empty and quiet, the rides are standing still and there is no sign of anyone being here. However, you’re not alone!

The park is guarded by five monsters – Rainbow Friends. They look like huge multicolored plush toys that are suddenly alive and violent. Each of them is named after their color and has a quite distinct set of habits. That’s the key to surviving in this horrible place – learn the behavior of each monster and you’ll increase your chances of staying alive if you run into any of them!

Escape Rainbow Friends and stay alive!

On your first night, there will be just one of Rainbow Friends you should beware of. Then another will be added, then another two and finally the most cunning of all who lurks in the water and attacks you when you come anywhere near it. This will give you some time to get used to the circumstances and also learn your way around the park because you will have to explore it a lot in search of the items you need for an escape. Immerse yourself in this gripping horror adventure and play Rainbow Friends online right now!

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